Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bike Ride

Jeff had last week off of work for Obon and on the Saturday night, we had one more day off and were trying to decide what to do.  I checked the weather on my phone and it was about 50% chance of rain.  I looked at Google Maps and thought, we aren't that far from the coast.  There was a small island that was accessible by bridge on the coast.  It was about 18 miles each way.  Jeff just finished putting the road bikes together so it seemed like a good plan. 

We got up on Sunday and road our bikes through Saijo and started up the hill.  It was fairly steep and had a tunnel at the top.  The tunnel spooked me a bit so we walked the bikes through the tunnel.  From there it was down the hill, along the coast to the little island.  The island itself was pretty steep.  We road all the way around it before crossing back over.  Here are some pics.

Looking up at the bridge.  I think I've mentioned it before but I really like bridges.
Even smaller island off of the island that we went to with several other islands behind it.
More cool islands.
The bridge.
Proof I was there...  and sweaty.
Jeff sporting his new High Cascades 100 Jersey.  Isn't he cute?
I'm actually pretty happy with how the photos turned out.  I have a water proof case on my phone so I just took it and left the camera at home since we were concerned about rain. 

After our island loop we found ice cream.  Jeff said that a bike ride with ice cream feels like vacation, and it did.  The Japanese really like their soft ice cream cones and I'm not complaining.  :-)

It was then back up the hill, I walked the tunnel again (I made it about 200 meter then said, nope!) and then back down to home.  We even managed to get home before the rain.  We spend the rest of our Sunday eating chips and salsa (thank you Japanese Costco!!!) and watching a movie (yay for netflix!!!).  It was a good way to end the weekend.

I've spent the last couple days trying fighting with my mail box (it's electronic and wouldn't give me my package), the reimbursement documentation for the hotels and transportation (it decided to eat about 3 hours of work even though I saved it, stupid web site) and trying to figure out how to hike Mt. Fuji.  Yep, I'd rather be on a bike going up hill - lol!  Stay tuned for more adventures.  I'm still trying to figure out what we are doing this upcoming weekend but I'm thinking it involves more bikes and bridges...

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