Monday, August 3, 2015

Elevators,where are you?

I have had a vague understanding that there was a limited number of elevators in public areas in Japan. This is become far more clear now that I have a baby and I am taking her in a stroller everywhere. I now know why most women in Japan wear their babies in a pack or a sling. It is ridiculously hard to find an elevator and strollers are a pain to get places with (but really handy when you want to not have a baby attached to you).  

Train stations are no exception. Some smaller train stations do not even have an elevator. I have found out that public buildings less than five stories tall are not required to be wheelchair accessible or to have an elevator.  

I spent a stupidly long amount of time looking for an elevator and the train station today. Because it took so long to find one I was in a hurry. In my haste, I got on the wrong train for the first time since living in Japan. Unfortunately, I was also not paying attention and it took me a long time to realize I was on the wrong train. Whoops!

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