Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I LOVE Japanese manhole covers!

I know I'm a little goofy but, I love Japanese manhole covers!  Every town you go to has different ones.  Some are really pretty and I find them all super interesting.  I think I was in Japan for over a month before I noticed and started paying attention.  Now, as I travel around, its one of those things that I look for.

I get really strange looks when I take pictures of the manhole covers from locals but I don't really care, I get strange looks no mater what I do ;-)

These are some of my favorites.

The origami folded cranes in Hiroshima representing peace.

Happy squid - makes me laugh.

The cliffs of Oki Island.

This is another one from the Oki Islands.

This one is from the Tobi-shima bike ride (7 bridges) on an island that grows oranges.

This lion one was in Bizen.

You see ones like this in areas without fire hydrants.  The water for the hoses is under the side walk and accessed by removing this cover.

This is in Saijo and is a sake brewery not a factory.

This one is from Kyoto
I'm sure I'll collect some more in my remaining 8 months in Japan but I thought this was an interesting little piece of Japan that I think is largely unnoticed.  To me is shows the Japanese attention to detail and appreciation for pretty things.

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