Friday, January 30, 2015

Self medicating in Japan

Like people in most countries, Japanese self medicate less than Americans.  I accidentally stumbled across a great example of this.  I happened to have a bottle of Tylenol that was purchased in Japan and one that was purchased in the States.  The Japanese box has the dose listed in English, the rest is in Japanese.

Tylenol purchased in Japan.

Tylenol purchased in United States.
I'm not sure if you caught it but on the Japan bottle the does is 300 mg, you are to only take one pill at a time with a maximum of 3 pills per day for a total of 900 mg.  On the US bottle, the dose is 500 mg, you can take 2 pills at a time and the max per day is 4000 mg.  Nope, I didn't accidentally add a zero.  The US over the counter dosage is over 4 times higher than in Japan.  I also feel that Americans are way more likely to exceed the dosage limit that is listed on a bottle.

What do you think this says about Americans?

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