Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring rice planting

I've been doing a lot of walking now that the weather has been nice.  My doctor has also encouraged it and said that it should help the baby come.  Anything to get this baby moving!  Here are a couple of pictures that I think turned out okay from my recent walks.

Hills reflected in a lake with water plants

reflection in lake
Dogwood blossoms

A sunny day along the little river.  This little river has a fun collection of fish, turtles, birds and nutrea (orange-toothed semi-aquatic rodent).  I have been enjoying looking for animals along my walks.
Recently, they have started putting in the spring crop of rice.  First the fields are plowed to loosen the soil, and remove any rocks or debris and make them flat and level so that they don't need to use extra water to have the whole field with standing water.

Plowed field
Next the fields are flooded.
Flooded fields
Rice is started in little tiny plots with each plant separated so that its roots don't get all tangled up.  these remind me of the little starter plants that I get for my garden back in Boise. 
Little rice starter plants
The little starter plants are then planted in to the flooded fields in rows.  Some fields are large and some are tiny.  Space is not wasted in Japan.

Rice field planted in neat rows

Little but pretty rice field planted
I'll try and take some more pictures as the crop matures and is ready for harvesting.

I'm sorry the fun travel pictures have slowed down a lot.  I've been trying to keep closer to home (or at least the hospital) since I'm getting really close to my due date.  We have plans to do some traveling a month or so after the baby is born so if that is what you are really interesting in, please be patient.  In the mean time, I'll do my best to try and keep things interesting with more local information and pictures.

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