Friday, July 11, 2014


Last night Jeff and I picked our apartment. Our biggest decision with choosing a place to live was deciding whether to live in Hiroshima, the city, or Saijo, which in Japan is considered the "country side" as it is a town of about 110,000 people.  After a bit of discussion we decided to live in Saijo because it is very close to Jeff's office so his commute will only be about 20 minutes.  Coming from Boise which is approximately double the size, Saijo doesn't seem so small.  Hiroshima has about 1.1 million people.  Saijo is about an hour outside of Hiroshima by train.

I am planning on commuting to Hiroshima by train  several times a week as I have been told that there really isn't that much to do in Saijo and I plan on getting involved in various clubs and activities to meet people and learn Japanese and Japanese culture.  It made sense for me to be the one commuting since Jeff will be working long hours and I will be having much more fun and a more flexible schedule.

Given the criteria of living near the Jeff's work, we were given 4 different apartments to choose from.  The smallest was about 550 sqft and the largest was about 700 sqft.  This is the one we chose, which happens to be the large one.

I find it very hard to choose a place to live that I've never seen in person but it pretty much came down to two things, location and the kitchen.  This tiny kitchen is a big upgrade from some of the other places and this apartment is a short (20 minute) walk to the train station.  It will be a lot smaller than the house that we currently live in but I think it will be a fun and cozy home for us for the next year.

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