Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So... I'm moving to Japan for a year

My husband and I love to travel and go on adventures, so when a few months ago he said there might be an opportunity for him to transfer to Japan for a year through his work, it sounded like an amazing opportunity.  As you might have guessed, he got the position (it wouldn't be much of a blog if he didn't).  We are ridiculously excited and think this is going to be an absolutely amazing, life changing, mind expanding adventure.  However, this type of massive life change does not happen without some level of sacrifice.  

After a ton of research comparing the pros and cons of importing our dogs to Japan versus our ability to allow the dogs continue to live in their current house while we are gone, has lead us to the difficult decision to leave them here.  Kermit is terrified of being confined.  He hates being crated and after a month of trying to make his crate a safe and happy place for him, he still starts to get nervous the moment the door is closed and his anxiety increases exponentially in a matter of minutes.  Kermit is also an escape artist and has managed to break out of a crate before.  We didn't think that the long journey to Japan would be a good thing for him especially if he managed to get loose in the cargo hold of a plane.  The dogs currently have access to a large backyard with squirrels and foxes to chase and lots of space.  In Japan they would be leash bound when outside for the entire year and I don't see that as a happy situation for them after so many years of freedom.

This was, by far, the most difficult decision we had to make around our decision to move.  The dogs are very much a part of our family and we will miss them very much.

This is Kermit the Dog.  He is a handful with a ton of personality and questionable parentage.  He came from the pound when he was around 2 or 3 years old and we have had him for 8 years.

This is Bailey.  She is a yellow lab that Jeff and I got as a puppy.  She is almost 10 years old now and is the most lazy and cuddly lump of lab ever.

Fortunately, we have an amazing friend who has agreed to house sit and dog sit for us while we are away.  I have no idea what we would do without her.  Thank you Courtney!

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