Monday, September 15, 2014

Oki Islands - day 3

Monday was a Japanese holiday so Jeff had the day off of work.  It was really nice to have the extra time to enjoy Oki.  I woke up feeling much better and we had the traditional Japanese breakfast in the hotel.

Breakfast was rice, miso soup, eggs (sort of omelette-ish thing), sea weed (2 varieties), red beans (they are sweet), salad, pickled vegetables and grilled fish (grill your own at the table).  It was very interesting and most of it was quite good but not really what I think of as breakfast food.  Jeff and I still managed to eat most of it.

We then went back to the port and took another ferry to a third island, rented some clunker bikes and went to check out some cliffs.  They were red and were amazing against the clear aquamarine water.

From this angle, the whole in the bottom of the rock is heart shaped.
We had a great time on the bikes.  We then went back to the first island and then took the ferry home.  We had a great time.  The islands were beautiful.  We were on 4 different types/sizes of ferries, buses, taxis, bikes, kayaks, dive boats and bicycles, experienced a Japanese style hotel and had an amazing adventure.  I'll end with a couple of random pretty pictures from the weekend.

On the walk to Kayaking.

Fishing boat heading out at sunrise from hotel room window.

Morning clouds from hotel room window.

Eagle we were watching circle from hotel room.  He got much closer but this is the only photo in focus.  It was awesome to watch it soar around and ride the thermals.

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