Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What I'm not doing...

So far I have posted on the things that I'm doing in Japan.  This post is about the things that I'm not able to do because I'm in Japan.

I was not able to help out a friend and bring her a cooked meal after she had surgery.  I couldn't give her a hug.  I couldn't let her know that everything would be ok and make her laugh but telling her a funny story about my first surgery, before she went in for hers.

I can't meet my friend for coffee when she has a stressful day at work and needs to complain about her boss and have a friend empathize and just be there and offer support.  It's hard to show her that she is awesome and loved from so far away.

I couldn't take care of my dog when he was sick and pet him and make him comfortable.  I know my dog sitter did this but I can't help but feel that he needed me and I wasn't there for him.  He doesn't understand why I left him or know that I'm coming back.

Yesterday a good friend of mine was hit by a car while riding her bicycle.  She had qualified for the world ironman championships in Kona this year (that's a huge deal) but will be unable to race.  I can't comfort her on that loss.  She will have months of physical therapy as her broken bones heal and she regains mobility.  I can not offer to take over a meal when she is recovering or take long walks with her once she regains some mobility or give support at the frustrations of injury and a long recovery.  She has a very long unpleasant road ahead and throughout that process, I'll be here, on the other side of the world, not with her helping out.

Yes, I miss good cheese and being able to effectively communicate but what I miss the most are the people I left behind.  I hate not being there for the people who have always been there for me.  This is truly the hard part of living abroad.


  1. You aren't here physically, but speaking as on of your friends that I think was referenced above, I still very much feel your love and support! Btw...Japanese get well paper toys are the best EVER. You made my week, Sky!