Sunday, September 7, 2014

The seven bridge ride

Jeff and I took another amazing bike ride today.  We drove to the coast and rode for about 10 miles then hit our first bridge. 

Jeff on the bridge.

This was the longest bridge of the day.
After riding along the coastline of the island we hit bridge number two.

This bridge wasn't as pretty.

But the view when crossing it was nice.
The next island was the biggest one.

This photo of bridge three looks a little crooked - lol!  It looked straighter in person.

Bridge number four.

Then we hit the mini islands and bridges.

Bridge number five.

Pretty island view.

Bridge six.
Bridge seven.
The island on the far side of bridge seven is as far as you can go without taking a ferry.  We stopped and had lunch.  Near the wharf for the ferry was a small food stand that had amazingly fresh fish.  Jeff had sashimi and I had mine fried.  It was probably the best fried fish I have ever eaten.  Both meals came with rice and fish soup as well.

After lunch it was back on the bikes, back the way we came. 

Look closely in this one and you can see 3 bridges.  2 arches and a cable. 

Random island prettiness.

I love the island at the bottom that has the tree growing out of the top of it.
It was a beautiful day.  I'm so glad we decided to take bikes with us to Japan.  I'm pretty tired.  The 65 miles really wore me out.  Time for food!  :-)

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