Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kyoto Day 3

It was raining in the morning and the forecast was wet all day so we decided to pamper ourselves a little bit and get massages.  Both Jeff and I have been having a hard time adjusting to Japanese beds.  They are very firm and not good for anything other than sleeping on your back, which neither Jeff or I do.  The massages were great (so good we decided to book another one for Tuesday morning).

We found a restaurant that served Dim Sum which is a favorite of both Jeff and I and a huge treat.  We can't get it in Boise or in Hagashi-hiroshima so to find it was a real treat.  If you are unfamiliar with Dim Sum it is actually Chinese dumplings.  Some are steamed and some are fried.  They have different things inside of them such as pork, shrimp or vegetables and they are delicious!

After stuffing ourselves, we decided to do a little shopping.  I thought Kyoto might be a good place to find some presents to take home to friends and family.  We had a nice day, stayed mostly out of the rain and picked up a couple of things that we were looking for.

We met some friends for dinner (yep, we had friends from Hiroshima vacationing in Kyoto the same weekend as us) at a Mexican food restaurant and it was so good!  It tasted like home.  Some things are really hard to get in Japan and good Mexican food is at the top of the list.  The chef spent 20 years in the US in southern California and that is where he learned to cook.  His English was great and we had a great time with our friends.  It was a good day.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I didn't even carry the camera with me.  It was just too wet.

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